Last Remaining Pinnacle / Pan Galactic Straw Boss
Last Remaining Pinnacle / Pan Galactic Straw Boss [7-inch; Custom Made]

This easily could have slid to the back of the pile, but… it got lucky, and so did I, I suppose. Last Remaining Pinnacle: Jesus/Mary Chain guitars, a syrup container pouring over and over, a stonefaced vocalist content to be anything but the focal point, nonexistent bass; stop me if you’ve endured this one. Better than most examples of this BRMC madness on the club roster and deceptively catchy. Pan Galactic Straw Boss are a post-rock band with a busy-bee drummer and some tricky, dick-kicking climaxes that sound to be an update on the Mogwai school of closing a deal (rumble, build, CRASH-EXPLODE-CRUSH-MUSH), with young musicians determined to not just sound like the genre’s leading lights (though they mostly resemble the original model with a few spruced-/juiced-up components). Nothing that’ll have me joining the convent just yet, but if you put this next to, say, the latest Explosions In The Sky record it would hold up just fine. Split decision; later taters.

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