Last Year’s Men
“Clawless Paw” b/w “What I Can Get” [7-inch; Sophomore Lounge]

There’s a lot of garage-rock out there. I prefer to pick and choose with this stuff, as there’s a lot of overlap. Luckily there are labels like Slovenly (which specializes in it and little else) and Sophomore Lounge (which specializes in everything and nothing, in a good way) to guide the way. Last Year’s Men offer yet another forceful argument for this grimy muck in the recent tradition of Hell Shovel, The Beets, Thee Oh Sees/Ty Seegs/etc., and while they bring nothing new to the table, they yell for their food so loud you have to serve them. “Clawless Paw” is a fuzzbuster, slow and eerie and almost Jawbox-y, but much heavier and raunchier, while “What Can I Get” reminds me of The Makers and Lyres. No reason not to give Last Year’s Men the chance if this is your bag, by dint of the A-side alone. If not, move along; nothing to see here.


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