Party City [7-inch; Moniker]

Can’t rrremember the last time I heard a siren on a punk record; two weeks, two years, or two decades? Shit, used to be somethin’ a man could count on, now I have to wait for it to come to me. And it did. Lazy don’t just play punk, they believe in punk, and Party City is the end result of decades of the genre’s makes and misses, zoning in on the mid-to-late 1970s more than anything. It has that PARTY element to it to though; I always suspect a group such as Lazy will use the term ironically or sarcastically, but we’re allowed to actually party, aren’t we? I sure the shit hope so. And I’d have no problem doing just that to the title track or maybe “Silence in Crisis,” which packs a catchy enough melody to turn the heads of normal people and the hardcore sensibility to sneer and most likely break the band up once those dicks start paying attention. Both are unassailable punk overcharges, while “Boys in the Girlsroom” is more of a Wire-esque rager (nothing wrong with that, hell) in the mold of “Surgeon’s Girl.” I prefer the other two, but “Girlsroom” survives on its own merits and reveals another side of the band: solid fun, thick wax, good buddies.

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