Le Flange du Mal
Carrion, My Wayward Son [LP; Resipiscent]

Le Flange Du Mal… WOW! I’ve heard a few super-whacked recordings out of the Resipiscent (god I still can’t manage to pronounce this label’s name correctly aloud) camp but Carrion My Wayward Son, as the pun in its title might suggest, absolutely floors the mind with its broad jumps and daring swoops through operatic rock history. I say ‘operatic’ but it’s more of a quasi-Gong thing, a bit of Art Bears and Fred Frith thrown in; yeah, that’s what I’m saying, HELL YES right? Then the ex-AIDS Wolf singer jumps in there (wait that’s not… damn) and, in a trippy, halting style absolutely electrocute the ear, along with the coruscating scree of trumpet, keys, and busy drums flanking her. I didn’t even know bands could get away with sounding like this anymore. There’s even a PINCH of System Of A Down in there, within the folds of one of these songs. I wouldn’t mention that were I not absolutely sure of the connection. Believe-you-me, SOAD is a part of my youth I’d like to forget (most of the time). Goddamn it though, I’ve only scratched the broad surface of this wily beast’s back. We’re talking Degenerate Ensemble, Deerhoof, Swans (some Gira-like vocals esp.), Gay Beast (that might be a stretch), Pre, Morricone Youth, Of Montreal, The Go! Team… If you’re familiar with even a few of these bands you know what you’re in for on this one, so consider yourself warned to the teet. Perhaps the best thing about Carrion My Wayward Son (don’t worry, I’m not a fan of the title either) is the fun these folks are having. Cliche thing to say/write? Yep. But Le Flange Du Mal hit on all cylinders, ground-up to pound-up. The drums, so up-front, so attitudinal in their assault; the trumpet tooting, on point as well; the keys add the accents you don’t sometimes realize are there; and the vocals, above all, serve as rhythmic underpinning more than traditional melody. That’s fine, y’all, ‘cause you’re makin’ it work for ya. God I feel like dancing. Won’t you join me? ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR (cue: “…Landmines”) GO!!!

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