Les Halles
Sentient [CS; Not Not Fun]

Les Halles’ Sentient — a special tape offered to buyers of the LP, Transient on Not Not Fun — is that long stretch one takes at the crack of dawn to start a commute destined to claim a piece of peace. Upon questing, one witnesses the sunrise in a blaze of red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and crystal, only to arrive at private wood patio (larger than the very house it’s attached to) in order to bask the day away. Sentient is a tall, satiating glass of iced tea just twinkling in the rays, keeping a cool that lasts as long as it’s bottomless; spell-craft anointed beverages whistle two straw holes in the wind that ever slightly change scale and tone.

Having perfectly shaved earlier that day, your skin barely moistened with sweat, but just enough to feel a cool breeze’s intention: temporal bliss upon thy crown. Naming this patio your DOJO or HASIENDA or PATIO. Listening to the hanging-garden breath with the wind, rustling every-so-often, like a waterfall of leaves off the house’s balcony. Yawning in celebratory relief that there was no tiresome day you experienced or nervous anxiety. Sentient trickles away stress like a gradual ease of tension in a shiatsu in slow motions.

Sentient is where souls mingle., as Les Halles becomes one with the listener in a matrimony of melt. It’s not a particularly brave path to follow, but a trail to forebear in the light and dark bits of day. And in emergencies, always around to help gather self, especially when the hours have droned-on in ways where the imagination can’t handle reality any more. Les Halles’ Sentient is the paradise we all reel to ingest at a click of the button. May you find serenity.


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