Les Sorciers du Theil
Polyte Deshaies [12-inch; Tamed ]

The repetition of psychedelia has long been the keystone to modern interpretations. It’s how repetition is achieved and to what end that separates pretenders from contenders. The second release from Les Sorciers du Theil is all heavyweight. Nothing is overwrought or overstays its welcome. These are four sleek emotes of psychedelic fervor that do not shy away from breaking away from the norm. Odd instruments and bombastic drums dot the melodies, providing an almost heavy metal sheen. Yet there is a lot of hippie and cult-like mystery surrounding the music, teasing something more sinister than just an appearance. The EP takes its name from the band’s namesake home (Le Theil) and though Jimmy Page is a bit jealous at the lengths Les Sorciers go to embrace their own wizard lore, it’s authentic in sound and stage. A robust exploration of repetition, as if a magic spell is being cast to bring back Deshaies. LOOK BEHIND YOU!

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