Lichen Gumbo
Earthborn Jinzo [CS; Avant Archive]

Like any resident, I’ve grown tired with America. We do nothing original anymore, often outsourcing our own production to other nations who do it better (or return it to us with ungodly amounts of lead and children’s sweat etched in for added revenge and guilt). Despite the many awesome ‘muricans such as Kid Rock and Three Doors Down, look at how our youth fawn over Justin Bieber and One Direction. THEY AREN’T ‘MURICAN, AND THEY DO IT BETTER! While no one does it better than Kid Rock’s beer belly and lazy lifts of Skynyrd, Lichen Gumbo deliver that good old folk rock twee freedom with Earthborn Jinzo. An electrified bowl of former USA gumption served over a steaming pile of European gourmand, we are reminded that we just aren’t producing the same awesomeness we once were (I KNOW KID ROCK, ‘cept you and Rick Rubin!). And though there is no Detroit Rock City and Bullgods bawitdabaing throughout Earthborn Jinzo, it’s a humbling rock ‘n’ roll far more fulfilling than any empty chart-seeking missile or outer space synth-out with the keys duct-taped down. Rock is about borrowing from all cultures, and despite the hinterland of Helsinki playing host to Lichen Gumbo, their N’awlins stew of ragtag rock is worth at least one Schreiber “shit cat” and the success of two northern rock rappers appropriating southern culture.

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