Maltheist [CS; Nailbat]

So much of my daily music consumption orbits around the ostensibly sonically-unpleasant spheres of Noise and Industrial (more Monte Cazazza and less Marilyn Manson, for the record). It was an inevitability that I would wander my way into the soot-blackened clutches of Metal eventually. This is a perfect release for a like-minded neophyte: the song are gut-punch quick, the guitar riffs rip, and the drums are heavy, rapid-fire monsters. There is a level of thoughtful content here as well: stark artwork and song titles that indicate a rather unkind view of organized religion and audio samples that stick out suddenly like a sliver of glass in a shag carpet . One hits about half-way through the b-side of the cassette where a woman seems to be protesting the separation of church and state, while a group of people try to quiet her. It’s still not unclear what statement was being made with that but it uncomfortably bumps up against the rest of the album in a way that keeps you going back to it. That’s the kind of thing that sets a piece of music apart, right?


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