Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni Sun
25/12/2013 Live [LP; Bruit Direct Disques]

Bruit Direct may be the most challenging label to come to mind with every addition to their growing catalog, with the latest from Mamitori being the heart and soul of this argument. An embittered and battle tested live album, 25/12/2013 does ring with the energy of the holiday — a mad dash away from consumer culture and tied up expectations under Pagan pine needles. A mess of a pop album, with a sound only a generation underground could love, 25/12/2013 is truly a bru(i)t(e). It’s what I’ve come to eagerly expect from Bruit Direct, which is often why I find myself returning to the label’s discography but lacking the words to fill in the blanks. It’s really troublesome with Mamitori, because it’s an ugly, disgusting, off-kilter album. It’s exactly why I love it, but like with anything out of the ordinary, you can’t keep returning to it. It’s the Bearded Lady, because the more you hear it, the more the surprise wears off. Once said element disappears, it ceases to be special if still challenging. But anyone with children will tell you that the fun of a challenge too wears thin. So it’s best to bury this in the backyard and celebrate with it once a year over the course of an extended 4-6 weeks. It’s truly a holiday from the mundane of your run-of-the-mill oddness. To be cherished, but not abused. So take down your Xmas lights already and pack away Mamitori with them. You’ll be happy in 10 months when you rediscover that frenzied assault on your senses…and maybe you’ll enjoy the lights display as well.


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