Mark Tester
El Sereno Melodies [CS; Medium Sound]

All I really wanted to say for Mark Tester’s El Sereno Melodies cassette is there is a song titled “Cat Piss Garden” that sounds like R. Stevie Moore tackling a Gary Numan cover. But guess what? That’s most of this fantastically witty tape. It’s outsider synth, delivered in ADD doses, so no one can possibly tire on these. Whereas a lot of these dips and valleys into musical serendipity happen to feel laboratory tested, El Sereno Melodies aren’t half-baked ideas sanitized for mass consumption. This is music that requires an adventurous soul with the ability of detachment. Sure, you could cue these up and listen over and over but what good is that? I, for one, like being told to hang on. I treat this like an 8 track tape, so I must wait until I play the whole thing to get back to the good parts. But guess what? It’s ALL GOOD! That needed the caps for emphasis. Seriously, a great perverted pop treat from a mind that clearly fallen through the hole that unites two musical greats. It’s their heads, Tester. Their heads!

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