Matthew Hale Clark / Ken Camden
three:four split series vol. 4 [10-inch; three:four]

A label from France recalling the chill of Canada’s fall through music best suited for suburban summer relaxation. Matthew Hale Clark envelops the A-side with a Ben Chasny jam of raga guitar and sweet background drone. It’s a light, citrus salad that cuts the heat of the day with a crisp bite, leafy romaine crunching under the slowest of chews as the mighty caribou stare from their forest stronghold in admiration. As Clark and his crew take over the woody porch, Ken Camden sneaks into the basement to send sine waves to the stars as the clear night sky takes over. “Moisture” echoes the loneliness of the moon, beaming electronic heart beats to outer space in the hope that the tidal force will provide some reciprocation. “Algoma Summer” is that answer; from a galaxy far away to the shared summer home of Clark and Camden, we have made contact with a warmth not given by the sun. Guitars at melodic odds cohabitating late in the season before the caribou carve out fresh tracks in the snow to greet their alien visitors — this may be the Molson talking.

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