Moss Lime
July First [CS; Fixture]

Wallflowers get ready to fall in love. People who like hearing the reverse worm hole of New Zealand pop surfacing in North America get ready for a thrill. Moss Lime come instruments prolifically un-blazed. Minimal and sparse, July First is clean in its angularity. Notes are crisp, the production spare but with a tinge of home brewing. The post-ennui fits so well on a cassette that I can’t help but feel transported to those early childhood memories of Walkman listens alone in the dark after bedtime. But rather than sneaking listens to more pop contemporaries, I feel like I’m discovering something. It’s not just the mix of French and English lyrics (though I’m a sucker for it) but the choice of odd tempos and halting rhythms. Though I can place its myriad influences, it is unstuck from all of them. But it is a solitary discovery. Don’t foist this on an unprepared group. It’s truly a do-it-yourself discovery. Then play it for a single friend in the car. Let it unravel thusly. Before you know it, New Zealand will be rushing to bastardize Moss Lime.


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