Naked Narcotics
Bliss Metallic [CS; They Live We Sleep]

So the coolest thing about this debut Naked Narcotics tape on the insanely reliable and criminally unknown Canadian label They Live We Sleep is that the artwork is in motherfucking 3D, and the damned thing comes with 3D glasses. Fuck. Yes. The second coolest thing (but only by a hair) is the 3D music that gets pumped out of this pink-shelled pretty. Throbbing and strobing psychotropic synth jungles, a thick marsh of hot, steamy electronics underlain with some repetitive beats that feel like they’re playing your temples like bongos. The A-side has this extended jam of ecstatic sound that feels like traveling through a twisting, turning wormhole as it gradually closes in on you… which is as maddening as it is somehow totally soothing, while also being a completely terrifying psychedelic experience. Elsewhere, the NOLA-based beatsmith finds an interesting intersection between straight psych and hip hop, casting a multitude of textured tones out into a playground of different time signatures, moving accents around the measures to keep your head-nods slightly off-balance while never missing a beat. The other great thing about getting to Cerbs this bad boy up is that it offers an excuse to share another great clip from VHS-mongerer Rob Feulner (who excellently runs this excellent label as well).


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