Nathan McLaughlin
Echolocation #4 [CS; Sunshine LTD.]

The latest installment in Nathan McLaughlin’s Echolocation series is dedicated to the “mid day meal.” And yet, it doesn’t substitute as a five-hour shot of energy found among the ruin of saccharine and faux-health alternatives stacking shelves at the dilapidated convenience store. In fact, this is no soundtrack of convenience at all , adding much to the 2:30 feeling. We love that 2:30 feeling. The normal begins to break down. Eyes heavy with nap seeing the world differently. Perhaps Echolocation #4 is the sound to those weighty midday holiday meals, where we stuff ourselves and collapse wherever visiting family has left space. McLaughlin distorts reality, turning it into sinewy waves of retrospection. This midday has become a Dalí, dripping with the drone of sleep deprivation. Not even our fine Spanish friends can find solace in a siesta under McLaughlin’s ripple. This is by far McLaughlin’s best in the series, finding a rhythm unmatched in tone and mood. Raise our wine to a blurred reality.

Links: Sunshine LTD.


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