Subcutaneous Memory [CS; Monorail Trespassing]

Nephila (Shannon A. Kennedy), on Side A of Subcutaneous Memory, is like one of the players from Amiina tinkling bells on the peak of a foggy mountaintop, or Woodpecker Wooliams stripped of three layers and shunned into near-silence, or Hoor-Paar-Kraat… period. Her small-scale dunes of lo-fi heroin are so subtle as to be relegated to a distant chime, so it’s best to listen attentively in the dark, perhaps by candlelight, or maybe even under the covers of your childhood bed. Meanwhile, Side B’s sinister strings should have to register as sex offenders; “Venus in Furs” is so far away, but I feel like I can kiss her memory when these drones take full form. I prefer the cozy cocoon-cave of Side A, with its wintery fix, but the first half of the flip is all Ninni Morgia, Che Chen, and Silvia Kastel, scary and loving, before the tide comes in and the ugliness is washed away. That’s acceptable too.


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