Nevada Greene/Scott Tuma
Ragged Hallow [LP; Hitt]

A joy of mine is finding brick-and-mortar record stores (or as a local entity calls itself, the wrecka-stow) that also branch out to be record labels. I’m sure there could be some sticky ground of Luxottica-esque market control, but it turns out most of these record stores are just getting by, and with the few resources they’re able to scrounge, they decide to stretch themselves thinner in a love of music. Say hello to Hitt Records, which has gone Stretch Armstrong for a split between Nevada Greene and Scott Tuma. It’s amazing any label worth a damn isn’t killing itself to release anything Tuma-related right now, but after hearing this fantastic split, I can now say the same for Nevada Greene. Their half of this wonder, “Earthquake Hollow,” is a stripped down Mojave 3, wandering through dew-covered fields in search of something more real; something that makes them feel. But it’s not some overwrought journey, rather it’s lighthearted. But at least it’s a group finding themselves and not just existing, sort of like Hitt. The same goes for Tuma, who has never sit still for one label (both record and genre). To me, Tuma is a household name if you live in a cool household. So “All the Ragged Glory” is just the sort of Tuma detour you’d expect: familiar but new. Both sides have their eyes locked in binoculars searching down the road for the next pit stop, but let’s be thankful they found Hitt and that this record store and label was more than happy to give them a place to pitch a tent and release some music.

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