Nicolas Bernier & Francisco Meirino
Fiction [LP; Misanthropic Agenda]

Nicolas Bernier and Francisco Meirino come together to create a new genre of Fiction steeped in wicked lashes of ear-lapping noise on this LP, and if you got the striped edition (limited to 100) you’ve experienced what I believe is one of the best front-to-back audio/visual packages released this year. You can drop the needle on any spot; Fiction is one long BUZZZzzz of cricket-chirping activity, its static electricity powerful enough to blast down trees if charged and shot through a canon. If you enjoyed the way Mudboy whirled new worlds together, not to mention M. Geddes, A. Cortini and the like, take notice and be ready to take things up a notch once the warp effect midway through Side B hits. This is light speed, this is ludicrous speed, this is my mind tunneling through to the other side, only to discover the exact same life, only multiplied and spiraling slowly like a kaleidoscope turning in your fingers. This is what those DMT freaks are feeling when they suddenly find themselves submerged in hot sand past their headz; you might have to claw your way out of that tunnel, friend. That’s Meirino’s piece, “Fiction M.” “Fiction B” is Bernier’s beast, and it takes shape gradually, like an inevitable tide bound to wash away civilization. It’s a foamy, misty end, your life coagulating before your eyes. It’s like that fight scene at the end of Commando, large metal pipes bursting with steam. All this, of course, is Fiction. If you want the real story, contact Misanthropic Agenda.


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