No UFO’s
Mind Controls the Flood [12-inch; Public Information]

It’s always a blessing and a curse when discovering a new sound or artist. The impulse in many of us — collectors or casual listeners — to snatch up the music in its original form becomes so incredibly strong that we are willing to overpay for what we do find. But the music, it speaks to us, and to not have it seems too selfless. Welcome to my conundrum with No UFO’s. Konrad Jandavs’ cut-up Kraut is the sort of delirious deluge that my ears welcome, and likely yours do as well. As busy as Mind Controls the Flood may seem upon initial dissection, nothing could be further from the truth: the album begins with the busy “Flood III,” but it quickly settles down and becomes a focused yet intriguing listen, each tracks growing more hypnotic, more singular with successive listens. Indeed, Jandavs is more composer than one realizes, carefully curating the sounds that comprise his cut-up aesthetic. His pastiche fits together like jigsaw pieces, no hammering required. This spells disaster for one’s bank account, but delight for one’s record stack.


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