Untitled [CS; Retrograde]

A journey to Japan. Seeing lights and neon. Running through streets as unicorns. Finding the temple of. Smashing archives and accreditation, artifacts and effigies. Being absorbed by sound and smoke. Prayers clicking in and out of consciousness. Filtered pedestals. Imagining everything melting and forming. Motion as a trajectory act, not void. Becoming something that has filtered from pseudo-sacrifice to a god within flesh. Embodied persistence eager to rip out. Blown holes. Falling in. Further toward the center of the earth, where I meet you. We cinder and merge as part of earth’s core, in molten metal and heat. In human form, we embrace and become a part of everything moving. And secret secretions arise within cracks. Smearing us closer together, pushing us further away from what we now know as earth. At the terminal, we erupt in the air and collide slowly on the ground. Oozing into one another, our spirit rises as one in plumes of smoke, blessing the surrounding area and witnesses with ash.

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