Noel Meek
Living in the Time of the Golden Circle [CS; End of the Alphabet]

Noel Meek is beginning the adoption process by the greater weirdo community, but he and his End of the Alphabet label still feel like a discovery all my own. It helps that Living in the Time of the Golden Circle is another curveball from the New Zealand sound artist, incorporating the myriad influences of the -nesia and letting them run unfettered through the NZL anti-pop funnel. Despite the two decades of internet dominance, the reason I keep finding solace with the All-Blacks attack is how cut off from Western civilization they continue to be. It’s as if New Zealand refuses to adjust to 21st Century social media courtesies even while plowing forth with 23rd Century musical revolutions. LITTOTGC is just another shining example of that proud, rebellious middle finger making Meek all the more lovable to his new noise foster parents. So with bylines in The Wire and Lord Byron writing up EOTA releases, I shall sit here but not reminisce about the olde good times, but be fondly attached to the new. And soak up the atmosphere of the -nesias because my blank bank account will not allow me to go on the real adventure. LITTOTGC takes me there for a lot less, but is just as soul stirring and uplifting.


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