Entropy [CS; 5CM Recordings]

A world of what ifs now summarized in Entropy, though the biggest may be what would have happened had Ozzy joined Rush and crashed CBGBs in 1975. But that reads like PR fodder and does Nostromo’s blend of fleshed out hard rock no favors. It doesn’t capture the hurried frenzy of these songs that somehow last longer than we expect, yet end at the right point to induce further listens. It’s a bunch of riffs that would be monoliths in mono. Turn down one speaker and play along to the brutish melodies in the summer heat. There is complication and precision behind Entropy — it’s hard to hear as the wall of heaviness immediately falls on your body like Dorothy’s house but the technicolor reveal with each press of play is a gasp of fresh air somewhere under Blackmore’s Rainbow.


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