Nothing People / Mondo Phase Band
Split [7-inch; Captcha]

The sub-sub-SUB-level garage-rock/lo-fi indie massacre of Nothing People is a sound to behold, matching slow riffing circa The Beets with some major guitar ZAPpage courtesy of Jim O’Rourke and a vocalist so fuzzy-absurd he could be singing from a space bubble for all we know. I’m pretty sure the submarine sunk during “Pride;” “Compromised” is the subsequent underwater struggle, like Gang Of Four stuck out at sea and/or slipping into a nice mermaid vagina as the “one/two”… “one/two” guitar stabs rain down. Whatever gives you kicks, man. Mondo Phase Band is a skeleton playing echo-guitar along with a slow-motion drummer, and it’s so fucking awesome I regret not having brought it to you earlier. Ty Segall and the SF folks need to hear “Horseshoe” or risk getting schooled. Damn, robotic odd-rock with an indie soul never sounded so good. The Harmonia easy-roll of “Equalizer” manages… just that. A glorious split-level achievement considering the relatively SHIT history of the format.

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