Odd Hope
“Brave and Olde” b/w “I’ll Follow You Soon” [7-inch; Fruits and Flowers ]

When played at 33rpm, “Brave and Olde” has a Dylan quality to it. Thankfully, Odd Hope are a full 45rpms of sunshine pop. “Brave and Olde” is a simplistic mid-60’s Tin Pan ditty minus the Neil Diamond cocaine strut. Rather, it’s a humble and uncomplicated track — as is tradition with the growing Fruits and Flowers brand. B-side “I’ll Follow You Soon,” is another Monkees chase montage, eager to bask in glimmering guitar notes that float between white, puffy clouds. Seriously, the post-nostalgia throwbacks exported by F&F is only making me fall harder in love. Odd Hope, you sly devils…


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