Delphi [CS; Haute Magie]

The sensual mysticism embodied by the cover art for OObe’s Delphi reaches deep into the Italian outfit’s tape. Rather than focus on its witch house and slow dub touchstones, Delphi brings with it a sense of body-at-motion. A mix of dance and mash-up that encompasses the lengthy dole of love. At times dripping with romantic schmaltz, at most times brimming with the sexual buzz of two close bodies; the build-up before the release. This talk might paint me as some old-time romantic but so what? Delphi doesn’t go so far as to be the soundtrack to a night of lit candles, fine dining, and love making but it would be fantastic sloppy late night make-outs and spontaneous sex. You lock eyes with someone at the [club/house party/back alley/crack house] and its electric. Take ‘em back to your one-room home, blast this bewitching tape hex and rip off each other’s clothes as if there’s no tomorrow. But there is and though the harsh light of the walk of shame may seem unbearable come morning, it’ll wither when you remember the primal force of OObe. It’s the Axe Body Spray of cassette tapes but I promise through all its warps and weirdness it will be the go-to aphrodisiac.

Links: OObe - Haute Magie


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