Spinning Liquid Mirror [CS; Fabrica]

I figured a million bands would get around to experimenting in the Morton Subotnick/Edmond de Deyster axis, and while it’s going on, a lot of it hasn’t hit my cassette deck. THREE CHEERS for Orbless, then, for getting up in there and fuckin’ shit up. At first, I thought more of an atmospheric noise exercise was in order, but then those blippity-bloppity synths come in and start belching all over the place like Fantastic Planet never happened. There are moments of outright choppiness, where cones of sound are woven and disintegrated almost instantaneously, then sections of smoother drift float by like asteroids through eternal space. I find both gears of Orbless to be worthy of infatuation, and they work well stacked on top of each other, too. It’d be nice to hear this mess slathered across two thick slabs of vinyl, honestly, but the cassette on its own works wonders. Fabrica 1, The Gods 0.

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