Passed Lives’ Excessive Future [LP; Moniker]

I once wrote a glowing article about oft-forgotten 90’s alt band Tripping Daisy. It likely has something to do with Tim DeLaughter’s post-TD work with The Polyphonic Spree that has worn out any real merit to the odd pop of Tripping Daisy. I’m sure I’m alone wondering “what if” had drugs and time not torn that Texas band asunder. It has been 15 years since, but Pari∀h have arrived to avail me of my weird thought patterns. Turns out, Tripping Daisy wouldn’t have gone this weird, yet the spirit of DeLaughter’s sense of humor amidst very earnest music is still intact. Yet Pari∀h are very much their own animal, since Passed Lives’ Excessive Future is a noisy, jubilant, and bent take on synth pop and art-rock. Despite the 80’s co-op of sight and sound at first impression, Pari∀h have a wholly unique statement that follows a well worn trajectory but at some point, just when you take your eyes off the radar because it seems it’s another rote exercise in propulsion toward the sun, PLEF takes an unexpected detour toward HEALTH energies and over-corrects back into Spookey Ruben homage. Delightful hybrid of so many styles that ends up totally unique. Bravo, Pari∀h, bravo.

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