Only Forever [CS; Constellation Tatsu]

Only Forever feels typical at first. A soaring, post-drone note about spatial and galactic dreams. The untouchable lassoed and pulled down to earth through a medium that is always stargazing. But somewhere around “Miragerie” the whole apparatus begins to malfunction. Though the destination is still the heart of the sun, the trajectory goes off-course and the whole vision quest begins to be enveloped by a super massive black hole. It’s still an astrological trip to mine the vast reaches of the Big Bang but this change of course while stuck on a target no longer in reach creates a different dream. Maybe what we believe we want is not what we truly want. That we’ve fattened ourselves on the proteins of Copernicus and Brahe, so that we can no longer see where our toes are truly pointed. When we just want to go up, doesn’t that defeat the earnest purpose of exploration? I’d rather spin a wheel and go where it says to go and find the real dream. So to does our pilot.


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