Piano Movers
Girlfriend’s Lover [7-inch; Fruits and Flowers]

How a label with a handful of 7-inch rekkids with songs clocking in less than most commercial breaks has become a favorite in such a short time is….well, akin to those minute commercials that somehow convince me to buy often useless products. But Girlfriend’s Lover is far from useless—but firm believer in the power of pop and all of that right here. So long as said pop is as classically infectious as this. Eponymous A-side has all the love of classic New Zealand poppists The Bats. “Downtown 2Day” is a bit more in line with the more mainstream New Zealand icon, Neil Finn. It feels like a throwaway written during that period between Split Enz and Crowded House that fit neither outfit. Now we’ve fast forwarded to modern times and the same sort of tossed off tune crafted by Piano Movers seems just as odd a fit in today’s political climate. What this 7-inch really does is make me want a full-length, so whether that happens due to Fruits and Flowers (who continue to torture us with these awesome sneak peaks) or some other label that hears my cries, give me some more Piano Movers. In exchange, I promise not to use New Zealand in a review for a whole month. That just means that all the good bands either need to stop coming from there or mutating from its sound.


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