Harvest [12-inch; Fedora Corpse]

Plante’s Harvest isn’t what you’d normally expect from a 45-RPM 12-er, as it takes half a lifetime to build momentum and depends on glacial modes to enchant the ever-lit listener (if you’re the hyper type, you won’t have time for this, is what I’m sayin’). It rips on low, guttural churn like most other Fedora Corpse releases and drifts to the tune of Lanterna, Neil Young’s soundtrack to Dead Man and countless other movie accompaniments, yr standard Kranky-ites, and Eluvium (but with guitar serving as the focal point), reflecting eternity like early, minimal Locrian held up to clear water. While Harvest is an effective campaign, it leaves me wanting more. A 2xLP can’t be far behind. Lovely glass-colored vinyl and a nice, limited press wrap up the package. Another nice cadaver from Fedora Corpse.

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