Popol Gluant
Solo Piano [one-sided 12-inch; Hundebiss]

If you plug-and-play a lot of synthonies, you may have found the ultimate post-Tangerine Dream/Popol Vuh/Cluster pleasure center to plug into with “Solo Piano.” These instrumental songs replace words and voices with sheer current, then devolve into stretches of samples-followed-by-applause madness (which is hilarious enough not to repeat too often all the way through), recovering just in time to send us off with a deeply rousing cycle that kicks off with almost vindictive pitch-shifting, flattens out into a steady, glitch-filled sample pattern, hits the road with a dead-ringer-for-Pole Position drone, and never looks back. Would’ve loved to have heard two full sides from these guys, but the one was lovely, thanks. Three-hundred copies, natch.

Links: Hundebiss


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