Psychobuildings [12-inch; All Hands Electric]

I don’t remember wishing for a refresh on the Supersystem (please don’t mention El Guapo; it’s too painful) sound, but I’m not going to complain now that it’s here. Psychobuildings are everything you want in a Friday night if you’re young and sleek these days — which I am not — and they don’t suffer for their influences (unapologetic new wave, post-post punk, dance-rock). If anything, they breathe new life into them like an audio version of what happened in that fuckin’ Mannequinn movie (I think there was a sequel, right? Starring, like, that small dude from Two and a Half Meatballs, right? Agree to disagree). Back to the discotecha: If you’re going to thump this 12-inch lady-pleaser in public, be ready to drop your inhibitions like drawers and dance until the cristal POPs like a love-cork. King God notwithstanding, I never could have anticipated how much the 80s would invade the indie sensibilities of the all-too-present. Just go with it, we must.


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