Unwanted Sounds [CS; Auris Apothecary]

The strange packaging presents an omen to all who open it. A small cardboard box, compact and sturdy, packs away a secret that should not be unleashed; a skull as one final warning before Pandora is allowed to escape. But it’s no use. On top of this opaque black cassette sits two ear plugs, each equipped with a screw to ensure your safety. But you do not heed. You place the tape in its rightful spot, hit play, and let the spirits and demons do what they do. The air becomes heavy with incoherent frequencies, faint noises, and strange static occasionally squawking from the aural heavens. Whatever magic RCBNNN set forth, it does not seem as dangerous as once believed. [Do I recognize these guys—are vowels extinct in the land of nod and troll dust?] But it’s no use. You’ve done it this time. It’ll be lurking behind every corner, deep within every alley… hell, it’s likely crawling under your skin. RCBNNN was off limits and they did their best to secure themselves away before it got this far. But you do not heed.


Cerberus seeks to document the spate of home recorders and backyard labels pressing limited-run LPs, 7-inches, cassettes, and objet d’art with unique packaging and unknown sound. We love everything about the overlooked or unappreciated. If you feel you fit such a category, email us here.

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