Red Boiling Springs
Alaxsxaq [CS; Nailbat Tapes]

I don’t really have nightmares anymore. Not the kind of where you are chased by a boogie-man or something nasty creeps out from under you bed in the middle of the night. To be honest, I kind of miss it. There is innocence in those night-sweat inducing visions; avatars of a time when our young minds were so worry-free that we had the luxury of being terrified by the fictitious.

I think that is part of why Alaxsxaq appeals to me so much; on this cassette Red Boiling Springs have brought the sound of that unconscious, monster-filled, bump-in-the-night realm to the surface. Here are the whispers and pops of dead voices over a walkie-talkie, the possibly imagined distant scream of something lumbering through a fog filled forest, the deep groaning that seems to come from inside the earth itself at precisely 3:15 AM every night. All of those childhood terrors, obscured with a thick film of memory and time, are here captured on tape to be replayed whenever an escape from the world of everyday horrors is needed, whenever we want to go back to the dreams of dark shadows at the end of the hall and fingers scraping against windowpanes while we pull the covers over our heads.

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