Richard Garet
60’ Cassette [CS; Helen Scarsdale Agency]

You take the goood, you take the bad, you take them all and then you have 60’ Cassette. The vibrant long playing cassette from Richard Garet is a mind meld of atonal earth; the ghastly sounds of magnetic fields colliding with the eroding waves of a perpetual tide. Steam engines, gas giants and man-made beasts tear up the landscape, but within that din comes a centered hum by which we all tune in or out as mood appropriates. 60’ Cassette has many rhythms around its titled doctrine, and each one is hard to take as a complete statement. It’s rare that, as someone who worships the idea of the album, I’d recommend taking anything related to music individually but I think too much time with Garet’s work minimizes the moments that DO hit hardest. The loud static may subside on the recording, but its buzzing will echo into the compositions more thoughtful and quiet moments. Perhaps that was Garet’s intent, as if to force us to shut out the noise of our maddening word, always running amok as we try to run away. But here, we can take back some of that power and remember that is our own wiring that is keeping us perpetually stuck on a hamster wheel.


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