Ryan Huber
Four Pi [7-inch square lathe; Self-Released]

I remember the day this square lathe came in. I thought to myself, OK, review this one in a few days and MOVE ON! Then a few days became a week became a brain fuck so intense I didn’t land on my feet until just now (whenever THAT is). So… here we are! And Four Pi is spinning on my record player and kicking up a menacing little mini-ruckus that inches forward like a slug army taking a mountainside. Ryan Huber gives us the ol’ Fedora Corpse treatment: foggy dronoise that, at times, seems to contain a rhythmic pulse, albeit a barely detectable one. Huber dons static noise like dark shades, slipping into alleyways and playing through before you know what hit you. I’m not trying to phone in this review but there’s only so much I can say. I like what I hear so far, a lot, but what’s next (OK I actually know what’s next)? It would be ridiculous to imbibe such a cool lil’ record then never hear (literally) from Huber again but it happens all the damn time, and I feel like a whore afterward (I don’t). Keep in touch Hubro!

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