Sands Hollow
Watch Yourself [7-inch; Monofonus Press]

A quaint little keyboard jam that reminds me of Papercuts in all the right ways, “Watch Yourself” leads off this single with class, charm, and, most importantly, subtlety. I’m more interested in “The River’s Ridge,” however, because it’s a little more lost and wandering, nothing but a tambourine and a piano to drive the tune home. Quite an accomplishment though; rustic and worn. I thought The Shins would sound like this one day, a long time ago, and they turned to SHIT, so I’m glad Sands Hollow are here to offer this sort of promise/potential/you-know-the-drill. Indie-rock will innovate again! Wandering yet focused, warbling yet precise… is that even possible? Perhaps the answers lie here. I believe this 7-inch previewed a full LP, so look out for that one, as it could be a real gem.


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