Sensate Focus
Déviation Heat-treated [12-inch; PAN]

Mark Fell’s house of post-techno cards has relentlessly been crashing as a sub-division of Editions Mego. A stack of 12-inch records are piling up, each less derivative than the last. Fell’s sensual work hearkens to a time when going to the club was a part of innocent sexualization, boys and girls trading body blows and buckets of sweat in a safe environment, free of the excess and see-me culture that has now enveloped hotspots and ravers. Tits, abs, and ass are all well and good, but in the end, the music should be as challenging as it is catchy. Which is why Déviation Heat-treated exists. Sensate Focus moves onto PAN as a response to a Heatsick EP. Fell transforms repetition into thinking music without losing an ounce of je ne sais quoi. Beats moving, bodies moving, minds moving. It’s a full workout for all those hippie spirits and organs without losing the modern electro-edge needed to stay in front of trends. If nothing else, it’s a studio audience away from being “Club MTV,” and who doesn’t want “innocent” up-skirt camera shots of Downtown Julie Brown? It’s either that or stare at the memorizing art as the LP locks onto the turntable. You are getting very glittery. You want to dress in loud colors. You want to take this happy pill.

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