Servile Sect
Svrrender [12-inch; King of the Monsters]

Most who have heard Servile Sect end up paying attention, or at least that’s my experience; few defectors because SS give today’s enlightened metalheads a little bit of everything, Svrrender serving as an apt microcosm of their forward-thinking milieu: BM overlords, secret prog operatives, a definite drone agenda, and a dose of liquid death. I like the unavailable, often unpredictable twists and turns of Liturgy efforts, but the Sect offer a much more satisfying, well-thought-out approach to what may very well be the future of this screechy, scratchy, scrappy hard/heavy stuff. Their deeper double-bass thrashes dig as deep as any Nachtmystium cut, while their razor-sharp noise cuts as severely as what you might expect from WTZ Hearts. Handmade Birds released Svrrender on cassette awhile back, and now it’s vinyl’s turn care of KoTM, on cosmic split-pea-green wax. Great to see such a worthy release presented in such flattering fashion, a nice follow-through on that clear-with-glow-in-the-dark-splatter LP (Realms of the Queen) that blew minds last year. Snuff this one up, cadets.


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