Shane Tripp
Silk Challenge [CS; 1980 ]

Though we number but few, there are those of us who still remember the wonderful evolution of power pop as its tendrils were continuously pruned throughout the 90’s. By the time nu-cock rock screamo metal rap became vogue, the offshoots of the Big Star sound may as well have been roots hiding underground. Though some buds tried to sprout in the winter, it’s been a much more apt environment in recent years as people could give two shits about what’s on the radio and climbing Billboard charts. As people begin to dig through the flower beds of yore, they also create a new hybrid all their own 20+ years later, unaware of Alex Chilton but yet fully embracing that sunshine and watering can jangle. Shane Tripp doesn’t have the Big Star catalog planted in his own garden, but the spouts and stamens carry a familiar aroma. Silk Challenge is one power-ish pop song after another on a spiffy cassette as easy to carry as the basket which we pluck out the aromatic flora to fill up vases inside our stale smelling homes. So grab a big breath of Silk Challenge because Spring — figuratively and literally — has come.

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