Shit And Shine / Expensive Shit
Shit Split [7-inch; Monofonus Press]

If I’m remembering correctly, Shit And Shine’s 12-inch on Badmaster played a lot softer — then again, it doesn’t get much harsher than their side of this burnt shish-kabob of a timeshare, “Romantic and Maybe at the Same Time.” This thing is a shard of glass stuck in flesh and getting deeper with every movement, a steady glob of tense, urgent static whose sudden shifts and high-pitched bursts will… to be honest, wake up your family (which … COOL!). Likely familiar to many as a Load band (though S&S put out most of their stuff on Riot Season), Shit live up to that torture-sound tag on Side A. Side B … well for fucking out loud, this is more like it. Expensive Shit — I hate to be so smitten but I’ll just go with it — make music that does what I like music to do these days. Very dubby, but as if dub has been broken and can’t get up. A lumbering beat, several elements spiraling and fluttering like multi-colored sparklers, general creepiness? Check, check, and check. Works on 33 and 45? Fuck you, YOU LIED TO ME.


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