Silly Goose
Silly Goose [7-inch; End of Time ]

To think of Blink-182 as any sort of nostalgic act, let alone one that a member of Carissa’s Wierd would be endorsing with a covers project under the guise of Silly Goose. Whether the best elaborate joke Seattle can produce or a genuine testament to pop punk gone global, we stand face to face with an article of wax that is as plain and stripped as the loose collective’s take on those hazy, crazy days when we were being told of the pains of growing up amid in-jokes of sodomy and masturbation. Of course, that was also true of Green Day. And Ween. And Korn. And basically any 90s band that could fit a tight metaphor for sexual exploits into 3 minutes of prurient pop. So to Silly Goose and their pro-Blink agenda—as we sit here atop our Best New Throne and hail only the most obscure among releases as those worth hearing because pretentiousness suits us—we shall refrain and tell you to pick this up for a funhouse mirror view of a band that we will never appreciate but so what? Good music, even in cover form, is still good—and perhaps proof that the speed at which the original “Dammit” is played is much harder to pull off than one imagines.

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