Silver Bullets
Città Invisibili [CS; Stunned]

Ed. Note: This is a reprint of the original review from Cerberus Issue #19. This is in conjunction with TMT’s Favorite Labels of the Decade, in which Stunned was highlighted.

I can’t imagine being the only person excited for new Silver Bullets. The ‘it’ band of last year came out of nowhere, thanks to the direction and friendship of William Giachhi. His wisdom leads the band into their second cassette for Stunned, returning to the Sicilian psychedelia of Free Radical and turning it upside down. The A-side introduces tribal rhythms to Silver Bullets’ drugged melodies, but fans of the band’s classic tie-dye sound will be rewarded for their patience. Città Invisibili’s B-side begins the Timothy Leary trips, with heavy doses of foggy guitar rundowns and heavy bass lines. The band doesn’t shy from its newfound mysticism, but rather than being wrapped up in their expanded sound as they are during lengthy burners, “Scherzando Sulla Terra” and “Anno Dopo Anno Malta,” the band trims the fat and gives us its seance incense throughout Side B. Silver Bullets prove to still be worth the quiet hype and your undivided attention.


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