Slim Twig
Cannabis [7-inch; DFA ]

To appreciate the latest nugget from Slim Twig is to understand that as 4/20 influenced as it is, “Cannabis” is in fact a very tight jam that has little to speak of in terms of being influenced by a bong load or its original version. Sure, its 5 1/2 minutes of instrumental awesomeness is better enjoyed with a spliff, it’s just a rad song. And frankly, as bombastic as the A-side is, it’s B-side “Fadeout Killer” that is the more extreme of the two songs. Where “Cannabis” is a loud celebration, “Fadeout Killer” is a deeper, stonier tune. Whatever prompted the impromptu drop, it’s a much needed dose of Slim Twig’s outrageous neon rock love.

Links: Slim Twig - DFA


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