Slug Guts
Stranglin’ You Too [7-inch; HoZac]

The title track of Slug Guts’ latest 7-incher starts innocently enough; then the vocals come in and holy Jaggercise-from-hell, these boys have a secret weapon on their hands, coughed up from the bowels of a red hell no one wants to imagine. Iggy Pop, lizard-tongue sliced in half ‘n’ drunk, fronting Pat Smear + Epic Soundtracks + Notekillers, coupled with the Puffy Areolas’ saxophonist, circa 1982. Not trying to oversell you on this one, but LORDY B’GORDY, THIS LAD IS A DEMON on the mic. How can I NOT throw my support behind this one? Kids waiting for the next Smith Westerns album should stop by the Slug Guts ranch and get their fuckin’ gizzards ripped out and splayed across the side of the barn by these four cutz. This wild 7-inch wears its sunglasses indoors, if you know what I mean. (And you do.)

Links: Slug Guts - HoZac


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