Soft Encounters
Professional Seamen [one-sided 10-inch; Monofonus Press]

Damn, this is juicy. Soft Encounters not only encompass Luke Fasano (Yeasayer, Ex Models, Family Band, People Get Ready) and Zach Lehrhoff (Knyfe Hyts, Ex Models, the Seconds), of note for Gumshoe mainly for the Ex Models connection — they were great — but chop up their compositions so thoroughly they land somewhere between the more abstract work of Hot Guts and the earliest work of Mi Ami. Not that these comparisons are valid; the best bands transcend them, and while Soft Encounters won’t change your life, their output via this gorgeous one-sided 10-inch (with silk-screened Side B) is of its own time and place. Take a dirty beat, float it in a few layers of guitar squall, spin it all around until the listener becomes disoriented, then move on to the next trick. Another victory for Monofonus Press, an entity schooled well in the ways of audio-as-art.


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