Sounding The Deep
Return to the Quiet [LP/CS; Sonic Meditations]

Sounding The Deep, helmed by David Williams, combine the tact of certain post-rock constituents (Continental, Lanterna) with the soulful guitar work of the usual suspects (Fahey, etc.), creating a whole new reason to forget about lead singers and sink into the strings. Return to the Quiet couldn’t be more unassuming. Not too many twists, not too many turns, just an ongoing thrust of thoughtful riffs and delicate changes that gains surprising momentum. The instinct is to crave more atmosphere, more ____, and that’s just the thing — you don’t need it. And there are sections, chiefly “Bestow,” wherein the mellowness recedes and a fiery, finger-picking avalanche tumbles over. Then you’re fuckin’ hooked. Not all-the-time music, Return has its time and place. Pre-dawn is best, from my experience. Three-hundred copies, if you must know.


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