Soundings / Shapers / Verma
Soundings / Shapers / Verma [CS; Paramita]

The triple penetration of Soundings, Shapers, and Verma takes a bit to warm up, but after the methodical stretches of Verma’s “Space is Open,” the pulsating psychedelia from three of Chicago’s up-and-coming scenesters doesn’t miss a beat. This is driving music, toying around with acid-corroded motorik, minimal fuzz, and blistering drones. Verma’s perma-Haight bookends the tape, both tracks worthy to share space with killer grooves of old. Shapers steal the innards, with Syd Barrett basement freakouts, screams and squeals set against echolocational melodies. The tape serves as a sampler, culling select tracks from each band’s own releases — and though the flow is a little wonky due to three disparate takes on modern psych experimentation, you’re going to be hitting Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Chicago dispensaries for the heavy shit. Paramita is just the playground dealer, even supplying a pop up insert for maximum headfucks; Soundings, Shapers, and Verma have the everlasting fix.

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