☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀
░▒▓RNBW▓▒░ [CS; Bloody Carpet]

For anybody who lights incense at an alter dedicated to V/VM each morning this cassette is a blessing. While it takes a slightly more delicate hammer swing at the pop music that forms its foundation, ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ captures some of the same perverse delight for musical anarchy that Leyland Kirby had before he found wider critical acceptance. The formula that makes up ░▒▓RNBW▓▒░ is extremely simple: find an upbeat, bass heavy dance tune and distort it into an overpowering wall of fuzz. But don’t let that undercut its potency. This is the sound of disposable music being disposed of; the audio equivalent of your perpetually stoned and upbeat EDM enthusiast friend being kicked in the balls. These tracks rub the veneer off a saccharine-sweet dance tune and expose the grey, empty, mindless cash-grab underneath. It is a reactionary, but mostly harmless, apocalyptic cynicism; the final damaged transmission from a rave aboard a dying starship headed towards the heart of a red giant star. While the party refuses to wind down and the hull begins to superheat. everyone is sharing the same thought: “I am about to die, but at least I’m taking all of you fuckers with me.”


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