Stephen Steinbrink
Rennet [7-inch; Funkytonk]

Stephen Steinbrink is a prodigy of sorts, having recorded all sorts of sides in his teens and, in the last few years, tossing out LPs via his French Quarter project on the Life’s Blood and Offtempo labels. The Rennet 7-inch reveals a quieter side, cuts like “It’s Home / Make My Nest” offering a comfy respite from all the neon “bleep” of the modern-music revolution. I flash back to the hushed work of Holopaw first and foremost, which is never a bad thing, and it’s a given that when I listen to a composition from Steinbrink, it’s going to linger on my ear-finger. That said, save “Contradictory Convolutions,” which is the perfect porch-folk ploy and reason enough to pay attention, “Rennet” isn’t as impressive as I would have guessed. It floats by without making enough waves to rock the boat, even the pleasant melodies of “Creosote” failing to dazzle. Still, a solid investment if you’ve been following FQ, and don’t forget to seek out “Contradictory Convolutions.”


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