Střed Světa
Rozmístění opakováním [CS; Baba Vanga]

Twitchy, Euro techno collides with noise collage to dot this odd, yet infectious tape from Czech label Baba Vanga. It’s truly European to its core, in spite of its global backdrop of noise for noise’s sake. It’s an album to dance to, not get lost in. When I sat in quiet contemplation of Rozmístění opakováním, it began to devour me. I lost my ability to think, and its borg-like sound qualities seemed to infect my brain with a musical virus. It insists that you move to it; that may not be losing yourself in a neon-lit club, but rather doing something as mundane as tidying up the flat or folding your washed clothes while tapping your feet and bobbing your head. Whatever it is, the work of Střed Světa requires that you don’t pay it attention due to complicated algorithms of musicality, but rather you pay it the same heed you would any club track as it wraps around your body like the arms of a partner on the dance floor. It’s begging you to give yourself to it, but not necessarily full control. But Rozmístění opakováním won’t allow for idling.


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